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Safety Regulators Have YOU In Their Cross Hairs

In the next couple of pages you’re going to discover the single most alarming operational health and safety trend facing all building and formwork companies in Australia today.

You’re going to discover why your current ways of preventing injuries in the workplace are no longer acceptable – not for your workers, and not for government legislators.

But don’t despair…

In a few minutes you’ll be shown a quick and easy way to minimise many of the OHS dangers facing your company.

So, please be sure to watch all the way to the end because you’re going to be shown a way to substantially cut back on the number of workplace injuries taking place on YOUR site.

But first…

Warnings From The Government Regulators To The Construction Industry…

Worksafe’s Executive Director, John Merritt also said that falls are among the biggest killers in Victorian workplaces and all employers need to ensure that the risk are minimised. He gave these comments after 2 workers of different sites fell to death from heights within 2 days.

Chris Webb who is the Director of WorkSafe’s Construction and Utilities program, said the risk of falls from height are still not being adequately addressed by the construction industry – it is still common to find building sites WITHOUT fall protection.

The Single Most Alarming Trend Facing All Formwork and Building Company Owners:

During February and March last year, WorkSafe Victoria sent out inspectors to 185 Victorian building sites to assess the safety and fall preventions at the sites. The results were nothing short of SHOCKING. The inspectors issued 37 Prohibition Notices and 26 Improvement Notices. 88 fall prevention issues were rectified while the inspectors were present. What’s worse is that on 13 occasions, they saw situations so dangerous that they had to order the work to stop immediately.

Why Your Current Methods for Preventing Workplace
Injuries Will NOT Be Acceptable In The Future

What Is The Current Practice Commonly Used In The Industry To Prevent Workers From Falling Through a Hole?

There are generally 2 methods that are commonly used in the industry to protect workers from falling through a hole.

First is to use a larger piece of plywood to cover the hole. The plywood is simply nailed at four corners and sprayed on its top the word “DANGER!” to alert workers of the danger.

Second method is to build a guardrail, fence, or safety mesh around the hole.

But, neither using plywood nor using guardrail provides the level of safety that each worker at site deserves:

But, it’s going to change from now on…

Next Page...Discover A Much Better Way TO Safeguard Your Workers

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Penoguard Video

Penoguard Video ABC Inventions

“Penoguard is lightweight and easy to use with engineered safety. When access is required the quick and easy fold down frames are raised, eliminating the gravitational risk and when closed the system can be locked off to prevent any unauthorised access. We recommend Penoguards fit for purpose in this application and commend C&V Engineering for providing the solution to our problem”.
Eric Randell- Site Supervisor
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Site Supervisor
Bovis Lend Lease