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Peno Guard– A Much Better Way To Safeguard Your Workers.

With this new and revolutionary safety device, you can easily protect your workers from falling through a hole at all times. This amazing device is called Peno Guard™ and it is designed specifically to safeguard workers from falling through a hole and dramatically increase the safety of the workers working around a hole.

How Peno GuardCan Safeguard YOUR Workers At All Times:

penoguard steel framePeno Guard™ has four major unique features that provide a higher level of safety for workers over a hole:
First, it has two layers of collapsible steel mesh. The layers can be opened and closed freely. When closed, workers are protected from falling through the hole. And when opened, the hole is fully surrounded by the steel mesh barriers and braces, thus workers are fully prevented from walking through the hole.

Second feature is its ability to “self-square” – when you install it, you don’t need to square it or mark any line on the ground to position it. All you need to do is simply put it over the hole and pin it at 6 locations, it is as simple as that. It’s a no-brainer, and anyone can install it in 5 minutes. Then you’re fully protected from falling through the hole.

Third, the steel mesh barriers have an anti-corrosion surface with eye-catching yellow colour – a colour that is easily noticeable to alert workers of the danger. In addition, the word “Danger” is clearly painted on one of the steel mesh barrier to ensure all workers understand and are aware of the danger.

Fourth, Peno Guard™ can be locked with a padlock when it’s closed or folded. This is to prevent any unauthorised person from opening the device, and hence provides an extra level of safety at workplace – you won’t believe how many people are curious enough to look down a hole and put themselves at unnecessary risk of danger.

On top of these four major features, there are two extra bonus features that come with Peno Guard™. That is first, the device is deliberately designed to be easily handled and manoeuvred by one person. All it takes is one person to install it, operate it and remove it.

The other bonus feature is “one size suits all holes”. Peno Guard™ can fit to any holes up to 980mm square or round. You don’t need to get a different device for different sized holes.

There are many advantages with using Peno Guard™ against using a plywood sheet to cover a hole.
First, a plywood sheet could easily fly off if it’s kicked accidentally by a worker. In addition, when workers need to lower columns through the hole, the plywood will be removed and the workers will be exposed to the hole – at this point, there’s no barrier between the hole and the workers working around it – if you are unlucky, perhaps you’re distracted and forget there’s a hole, and take the wrong step, then you’re going to fall down to death or serious injury.

However, with Peno Guard™, once it is installed, it stays in position and protects workers from falling through the hole AT ALL TIMES. When it is folded and a worker steps on it, he is not going to fall through. When it is opened, the hole is fully surrounded by the steel mesh barriers and braces at the sides which guard people from going through the hole. Therefore, when workers need to drop down concrete or columns, they are still safeguarded by the device.

Secondly, Peno Guard™ is noticeable much more easily than a plywood sheet. The yellow colour on the steel mesh will easily catch workers attention. The word “Danger” which can be easily seen through the steel mesh double ensure workers are adequately alerted of the danger.

Peno Guardis convenient to install and provides adequate level of safety against falls through holes AT ALL TIMES.

As you would know, it’s always a 2-step process to use a plywood sheet or other types of barriers to cover a hole. Because there’s no way you can remove the plywood and still be guarded around the hole – As soon as the plywood is removed, you’re exposed to the hole and risk falling through it.

Although some building companies have tried to develop a system to minimise the time of exposure of the hole, it does not eliminate the exposure and accident could happen – and it did. A 48-year-old worker fell to death through a hole at the taxation office building site in Civic about 3 years ago. According to witnesses, the hole was covered half an hour before the accident happened.

But with Peno Guard™, it will never be removed until the hole is permanently covered. Once the device is installed, it stays in position and safeguards workers even at times when they need to drop down something through the hole. So it’s a one-step process with Peno Guard™.

And it only takes one person and 5 minutes to install it – it’s a no-brainer. Anybody can do it. View our photo gallery for the step by step method to install.

Compared to what’s available on the market, Peno Guard™ is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, a much better device to safeguard workers against the danger of falling through a hole.

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Penoguard Video

Penoguard Video ABC Inventions

“Penoguard is lightweight and easy to use with engineered safety. When access is required the quick and easy fold down frames are raised, eliminating the gravitational risk and when closed the system can be locked off to prevent any unauthorised access. We recommend Penoguards fit for purpose in this application and commend C&V Engineering for providing the solution to our problem”.
Eric Randell- Site Supervisor
Bovis Lend Lease

-- Eric Randell
Site Supervisor
Bovis Lend Lease