PenoGuard to feature on the ABC New Inventors!

Penoguard has been selected to appear on the ABC Television Program "The New Inventors", on July 15th 2009. This is a great recognition for Penoguard. Please watch the segment and don't forget to vote in the viewer choice awards!

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Penoguard New Inventors Australia

Fall Protection
PenoGuard™ Civil Unit
PenoGuard™ Construction Unit
PenoGuard™ Confined Space Unit
PenoGuard™ Fall Protection Safety
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Penoguard Video

Penoguard Video ABC Inventions

“Penoguard is lightweight and easy to use with engineered safety. When access is required the quick and easy fold down frames are raised, eliminating the gravitational risk and when closed the system can be locked off to prevent any unauthorised access. We recommend Penoguards fit for purpose in this application and commend C&V Engineering for providing the solution to our problem”.
Eric Randell- Site Supervisor
Bovis Lend Lease

-- Eric Randell
Site Supervisor
Bovis Lend Lease