The Importance Of Fall Arrest Systems

Falling from any height can cause injury to some extent, and some falls can even lead to death. As per studies conducted, the leading cause of deaths on a construction site is falls. When working while elevated, you must use the proper precautions and safety equipment to keep safe. This is not just for construction workers, everyone who climbs a rooftop or a high surface to perform any task requires safety equipment for protection from any hazardous happenings. Fall arrest systems, fall guards and fall protection equipment are used to protect people working in elevated from which they could fall.

What is a fall arrest system?

Fall arrest systems are full-body guards that protect those working in multi storey construction sites. People who work as painters, window cleaners, carpenters, roofing professionals and bridge construction employees must also secure themselves with fall arrest systems to avoid accidents and injuries. Fall arrest systems include many types of equipment such as safety nets, harnesses and other similar safety devices.

You can never know the intensity of physical damage that a human could suffer due to a fall. Even a fall from a relatively low height can cause death in many cases so you can never be too cautious. Some of the prominent fall arrest equipment used to prevent fatal falls are anchorage, safety body wear, connectors and penetration awareness devices. For the fall arrest systems to work properly, one must make sure that they are well maintained, setup, and used correctly. Although there are many dealers and suppliers who offer fall arrest systems, make sure that you buy it from a genuine manufacturer or dealer because it is a matter of one’s life and death.

Snug harnesses form an important part of fall arrest systems. They are specially designed safety equipment that will keep workers safe from falling or slipping from a rooftop or other lofty height. These harnesses must be fixed to workers outfits in order to hold them tight and prevent harm and injury.

About Fall Arrest Systems

Each manufacturer designs and manufactures fall arrest systems in a slightly different manner. You have to make sure you understand the system you have exactly and become familiar with it before use. Fall arrest systems consist of a tough harness, lineman belt and a tree tethering system. Make sure they are all attached to you properly before climbing any structure. The system has to be secured for you go up. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer while using the system. Make sure the fall arrest system is in good condition before putting it on. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to replace it immediately if you see any signs of damage. Consider this no different to using a helmet for riding a bike or motorbike in that, if you have any signs of cracks of fatigue on the helmet then you need to get rid of it and invest in a new one. Fall arrest systems should be no different.

The life of a person is more important than money or time. Once someone dies they can never be brought back so, whether it is you or your employees working in an elevated area, always make sure you have enough fall arrest systems and a few extras so that everyone can stay safe. Invest once and save the lives of you and your workers.

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